How much does the application cost?

EasyWay mobile - has become to be a free application.

The application works online. It generates a paid traffic. Are you planning to release an offline version?

EasyWay service is built on the following principles:

  • Always current information.
  • An effective algorithm of finding the optimal travel route.

This approach levels the term of offline version as both actual information and search algorithm are located on the server side. Application is just a convenient way to display information. 

As for traffic, we implement technical solutions for its optimization: introducing Bookmarks and Routes cache

What is volume of traffic generated by the application?

  • Any request - 0,5 Kb
  • Information on all the routes of a city (cached) - 7 Kb
  • Display the route on the map - 5 Kb
  • Getting the list of routes to compile the trip - 7 Kb
  • Display the trip on the map - 5 Kb

Is the map being cached?

Yes, during a single session of the application. Google is about to add the offline use functionality in Google Maps, we will implement it in our application as soon as it will be available

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